Apartment reconstruction in Stopiņi

Restoration – Renovation – Reconstruction – Replanning in Stopiņi

Apartment reconstruction in Stopiņi

Architect bureau with many years of experience for affordable prices and with excellent attitude towards clients offers to prepare all necessary documentation for apartment replanning in Stopiņi and Stopiņi Municipality.

Our services

  • Apartment replanning in Stopiņi.
  • Legalization of apartment replanning in Stopiņi.
  • Simplified renovation of apartment in Stopiņi.
  • Coordination of apartment reconstruction.
  • Legalization of apartment reconstruction.
  • Projects for apartment reconstruction.
  • Apartment replanning – documents.
  • Apartment replanning – costs.
  • Apartment replanning – architect.
  • Certification card for simplified renovation of apartment in Stopiņi.
  • Certification card for simplified renovation in Stopiņi.
  • Appraisal inspection survey for apartment in Stopiņi.

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Fast project preparation (starting with 1 business day)


  • Certified construction merch
  • Certified architect
  • Certified building engineer

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    Years of experience that has allowed to become one of the leaders in the market of Latvia

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    We will evaluate documents

    • A Land Register Certificate (scanned)

    • Rebuilding description or sketch

    • Receive confirmation and bill

    Receive a complete design

    Within a day

    • In our office in Riga

    • At a parcel machine in your city

    • By registered mail anywhere in Latvia

    After receipt of the design

    • Receive an acceptance at the Construction Board within ten days

    • Carry out the rebuilding within two years

    • Order a new inventory and notify the Construction Board on it

    Costs of the project:

    • Standard apartments – 159 EUR
    • Other apartments – starting with 199 EUR
    • Opening of load-bearing wall – by agreement

    Project consists of:

    • Certification card (three copies)
    • Written description of premise reconstruction
    • New plan with planner signatures
    Apply for project!

    Ancillary services:

    If needed

    • Survey by building engineer starting with 150 EUR
    • Scheme for reconstruction of engineer networks starting with 100 EUR
    • Culture-historical inspection survey starting with 100 EUR