Series 103

The simplified rebuilding of a flat with a confirmation card


Buildings of this series are based on 5-storey prefabricated brick buildings. They were built in 70’s – 80’s. Due to the fact that the given project makes it easy to change the layout of the house there are many variants of this series. This was facilitated by the fact that houses were built by a variety of agencies and organizations. Many buildings of this series were built by the Soviet Army Public, Exploitation section and factories “Alfa”, “Radiotehnika” and “VEF”.

Buildings of this series are located practically in every newly erected building area in Riga, except Zolitūde, new part of Ziepniekkalns, remote part of Pļavnieki (after the Saharova Street). Basically, buildings of this series are located in Teika, Dārzciems, Bolderāja, Purvciems, and Daugavgrīvā.

Overall characteristics:
bricks + panels
Loggia: yes
Balcony: no
Storeys: 5
Floor height: 2.50m
Lift: no
Waste pipe: no

One-Room flat

Two-Room flat

Three-Room flat

Send by email or using whatsapp:

(documents for evaluation)

  • Land Register and inventory file (cadastral survey file)

  • Description or sketch of the alteration to be carried out, photos of the room walls and ceilings

  • Submit by email, WhatsApp, or in the office, receive approval and invoice

  • Possible additional expenses to the project: building work insurance, building permit fee, etc. post factum

Get your ready-to-use project:

(starting from 1 business day)

  • Consultations by phone, WhatsApp, or email

  • 24/7 access to project files

  • Service also available outside Latvia (remotely)

After approval from the building authority:

(up to 10 business days)

  • Complete the construction works within five years

  • Easy commissioning in BIS system

  • Consultations with BIS, the building authority, and us

Project costs:

  • For standard apartments across Latvia - 199 EUR
  • For apartments in special projects across Latvia - 249 EUR
  • For pre-war apartments across Latvia - from 299 EUR
  • For newly built apartments across Latvia - from 359 EUR

Project composition:

  • Notification filled out in BIS system
  • Room plan with modifications drawn up
  • Explanatory description of the project proposal
  • Approval by a certified building professional
  • Obtaining building authority’s approval in BIS

Additional services:

(as required)

  • Simplified certification by an architect from EUR 25
  • Survey by a structural engineer from EUR 150
  • Technical study report from EUR 250
  • Diagram for reconstruction of engineering networks from EUR 150
  • Cultural and historical inventory from EUR 150