Small-family project

The simplified rebuilding of a flat with a confirmation card


Buildings are 5, 9, and 12-storey high with one room apartments. 5 and 9 storey buildings are built from panels but the buildings with 12 floors – from panels and bricks. Typically five-storey buildings have one stairwell where there are 20 apartments on one floor and a corridor runs through the whole building. In nine-storey buildings there are only 8 apartments on one floor, which are separated into two separate corridors. There is a lift. 12-storey buildings have two lifts. In most small-family building for floor planning series 104 and series 119 planning variations were used. All apartments’ sanitary facilities are combined. These series buildings are mainly located in Pļavnieki, Purvciems, Ziepniekkalns, Ķengarags, Āgenskalns and Jugla.

Overall characteristics: bricks + panels
Loggia: yes
Balcony: no
Floors: 5, 9 or 12
Floor height: 2.50m
Lift: yes
Waste pipe: yes


One-Room flat


Send by email or using whatsapp:

(documents for evaluation)

  • Land Registry and inventory

  • Indoor photo for walls and ceilings

  • Reconstruction description or design

  • Wait for confirmation and invoice

Get your ready-to-use project:

(starting from 1 business day)

  • Advice on premises planning

  • Information on building authority requirements

  • Full approval of the project in the BIS system

  • Access to the harmonised project 24/7

After approval from the building authority:

(up to 10 business days)

  • Carry out reconstruction within five years

  • Order a cadastral survey file

  • Submit the file to the building authority via the BIS system

  • We give advice on commissioning

Project costs:

  • For standard apartments across Latvia - 159 EUR
  • For apartments in special projects across Latvia - 199 EUR
  • For pre-war apartments across Latvia - from 219 EUR
  • For newly built apartments across Latvia - from 249 EUR

Project composition:

  • A confirmation card is prepared in the BIS system
  • Explanatory description of the premises reconstruction
  • The new plan with certified signatures
  • Full approval of the project in the BIS system
Get advice!

Additional services:

(as required)

  • Surveying by a construction engineer from 100 EUR
  • Engineering network rebuilding plans from 100 EUR
  • Conclusion of technical inspection from 250 EUR
  • Cultural-historical inventory from 100 EUR