Re-planning legalization

Flat rebuilding legalization • Illegal flat rebuilding • Arbitrary flat rebuilding

We provide consultations of an architect and a construction engineer in order to establish whether you can legalise your re-planning with submission of a notification or with a building project.

We help legalize the rebuilding in the following cases:

Kitchen combined with a room

Toilet combined with a bathroom

Loggia attached to the flat

Constructed or re-built door openings

Removed or constructed partitions

Other individual cases according to the situation

Sequence of works for legalizing the re-planning

(Please send documents to e-mail vai WhatsApp)

  • Evaluation of existing documents and photo fixations of premises

  • Technical inspection and preparation of an opinion

  • Development and agreeing of construction documents in the building authority

  • Re-building of premises, if the layout does not conform to the requirements of the regulatory enactments

  • Re-building of structures, if they do not conform to the safety requirements

  • Cadastral surveying and commissioning

• Illegal construction legalization in the building authority is agreed as new construction.

• If re-building affects the joint property, the consent of other owners of the building will be necessary.

• Fine for arbitrary construction for a natural person is up to EUR 2000 and cadastral tax up to 3%.